Musica ed un pizzico di teatralità per eventi speciali in luoghi speciali

FuturArkestra (orchestra bislacca)

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Was wir anbieten

FuturArkestra is an acoustic trio (flute, double-bass, guitar) who plays instrumental suites jazz and classical oriented, with original tunes and rearrangements of old jazz standards, film soundtracks, blues songs and many improvisations.
Along with good houmor and some theatrical situations, we can play one hour or one and half hour of music for concerts and fastival, jazz or classical, small room concerts, house concerts but also enterteinment in ceremonies, marriages, conventions and wine-food events too.

ab 690 bis 2130 EUR
Dauer der Unterhaltung:
ab 1 std 30 Minuten bis 2 std 30 Minuten

Art der Veranstaltungen
  • Firmenanlass
  • Hochzeit
  • Festival / Saisonaler Anlass

Gaglianico (IT) Wir reisen bis: 500 km

Englisch, Italienisch

  • Wir haben unsere eigene Tonanlage bis zu 150 Personen

Set Up
we need space for 3 musicians and some instruments and electricity for our three amplifiers

Video von Auftritten


Repertorio di musica originale comprendente rielaborazioni di musica jazz, acustica, rock, colonne sonore ed un pizzico di teatralità, tipico degli artisti di strada. Adatto a situazioni di ascolto/intrattenimento.

Composizioni originali di Giulio Pedrana e riarrangiamenti in suites tratte da brani di Oliver Onions, Henry Mancini, Lester Young, Charles Mingus, Carlo Sola, Philippe Glass, Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, Chick Corea, Mongo Santamaria, Vinicio Capossela


The FuturArkestra is born in 2009 thanks to strange musical ideas of Gabriele Artuso (the Hypertensive), Edoardo Casaro (the Bald-Headed) and Giulio Pedrana (the Forgetful)

The trio begin live experiences in theater for "Silouhette" show, by Alessandro Curti, then start to write original songs (written by Giulio Pedrana) and re-arrangements of old classical and jazz standard songs, along soundtracks from italian movies.

FuturArkestra creates so long instrumental suites for flute, double-bass and guitar with some percussions elements and voice too, in a fluid non-stop changes between all of theese styles.
In 2014 published the first album "Il Pelato, l' Iperteso e lo Smemorato" which contains some of the suites the trio plays usually live. The title reflects perfecly the tragycomic human condition of the three musicians.

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