A voyage through ears and eyes visiting old jazz standards

JELILA`s world jazz duo

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A piano and a powerful yet subtle voice embodied by a dancer.
Martin and Jelila bring you on a voyage where time is suspended and worries are left aside as you will be absorbed by the presence and the mesmerising energy of this duo. It is true that less is more, especially when stage experience has become like a refined wine through time. Get ready to revisit old jazz standards with both efficient simplicity and depth and get ready to receive a sweet caress on your soul.

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Duo piano voice

Zurich (CH) Wir reisen bis: 300 km

Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Arabisch

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We bring all the music gear

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Just to get an idea:
Summertime ( E.Fitzgerald / L.Armstrong)
Besame mucho (swing version)
What a wonderful World ( L. Armastrong )
La vie en rose ( E. Piaf )
La bohème ( C. Aznavour )
Je ne veux pas travailler ( Pink Martini )
Una note a Napoli ( Pink Martini )
Cheek to cheek ( L.Armstrong )
Love her so ( R.Charles )
Hit the road jack ( R. Charles)
Je veux ( Zaz )
Feeling good ( Nina simone )
Don't mean a thing ( E. Fitzgerald/ D. Ellington )
I'm beginning to see the Light ( E. Fitzgerald/ D. Ellington )
They can't take that away from me ( E. Fitzgerald )
Dream a little dream of me ( Doris day )
Beautiful tango ( Hindi Zahra )
Veinte anos ( Buena Vista Social Club )
and more...

Referenzen / Erfahrung

Jelila ( singer )
battles @ the voice of Germany 2018

youtube channel: Jelila Bouraoui
Martin Eigenmann ( piano )


Jelila is a self-made Swiss Tunisian singer, song-writer, composer and musician. She started performing during 6 years in the Parisian corridors of the metro ( underground ) from 2007 to 2013 and then started traveling around the world since 2013 as a troubadour, thirsty of discoveries, sharing, love and freedom. Initially graduated in dance, sport sciences and english, she chose to follow her heart and jump into the so attractive and inspiring unknown that music was offering her. To her, music is the universal language of love that goes past all mental fences and thus connects humans beyond their apparent differences toward the union of their similarities which is seeking love, peace and joy.

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