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Last Chance to Say Goodbye

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Formed in 2007 in Zurich Switzerland, the four-piece are a genre-splitting, explosion of rock and raw emotions. Drawing inspiration from everything from NWBHM through gothic-punk to modern day pop-rock, the band carve out songs that are sophisticated, sonically engaging, and that bore into your happy place and make themselves at home.

On 2010’s “No Time Like Now” LCTSG found their sound, with songs ranging from all out rock to emotional ballads. 2013’s EP “The Promise” took that sound one step further and saw the band really honing their live shows. The EP also broke the band outside of Swiss borders with a short tour of the UK and a 8-date Spanish tour with then-UK Rockers “Tainted Nation” which really honed their live persona and confirmed they really are at their best in front of a sea of dancing limbs. Determined to make their next release truly epic, LCTSG took once more to the studio in 2016 to write something for the ages. The next few years contained blood, sweat, some tears, a few lineup changes, and a little pandemic, but ultimately resulted in renewed passion and a a laser-like focus on developing their songs and sound.

Last Chance to Say Goodbye emerges blinking into the dazzling light of 2023 with a new drummer, stand-alone new single, and a new (EPIC) album on the way.

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