Los Papatachos

Irresistible sax trio - repertory with well-known pop songs - funny way

Band Turin (Italy)

Was wir anbieten

LOS PAPATACHOS – saxophones self-irony – celebration brass band

An irresistible sax trio and a hitting percussion with a repertory that arranges the well-known pop songs to present them in a very peculiar and funny way.

From the international hits to the very famous Italian songs, the flying three saxophones and a drum catch the melodies in everybody’s head and make them burst creating an outstanding rejoicing atmosphere.

Los Papatachos play absolutely unplugged, they don’t need any amplification set as they play walking, dancing, jumping and – someone tells – flying.

Born in 2007, they have a long experience with weddings, birthdays, private parties, town festivals, theatre and club gigs.

Alberto Agliotti – baritone sax
Davide Tilotta – tenor and soprano sax
Nicola Massa – alto sax and percussions
Davide Fiale – drums and percussions

Dauer der Unterhaltung:
ab 30 Minuten bis 4 std

Art der Veranstaltungen
  • Firmenanlass
  • Hochzeit
  • Party
  • Geburtstag
  • Club Anlass
  • Festival
  • Feier
  • Saisonaler Anlass
  • Fest für Kinder

Turin (Italy) (IT) Wir reisen bis: 500 km

Englisch, Italienisch

Set Up
No amplification set required, we play unplugged

Video von Auftritten

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