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Max Jacchetti, Swing Jazz Stimme, warm und elegant, perfekt für Luxus-Events

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MAX JACCHETTI, as Swing Jazz Crooner, offers for your elegant event the most beautiful music of all time with a select repertoire of famous masterpieces wtritten, between the '20s and the '50s, by the most important American songwriters of the last century such as Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers, Kern, Wilder, Arlen, Weiss, for name a few.

The vast and rare repertoire will take you on a fascinating journey back in time, in the Swing Jazz magical atmosphere of the '20s and '50s years with famous songs excerpt by:
the great Broadway musicals;
the famous Hollywood movies;
the album of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble and other stars of the Swing Jazz golden era.

A repertoire, also danceable Swing Lindy Hop, that appeals to all ages, as elegant musical backround or as entertainment.

Valid for any environment and occasion such as :
elegant Aperitifs and Dinners, Wedding events, Company party, Christmas party, Fashion show, Open day, Vernissage, Vintage party, The Great Gasby party, Gala, New Years and other special days, everywhere the partecipation of a rare male and warm voice helps to give the event a touch of even greater class.

Cachet the indicated cachet is for:
Music set : Solo Voice

Music set : Voice + Pianist (to be calculated, but it's not the double.

Dauer der Unterhaltung:
ab 1 std bis 3 std

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Formation möglichkeiten
Opero prevalentemente da solo, per praticità e ottimo rapporto qualità offerta e cachet richiesto, utilizzando come accompagnamento High professional backing tracks.

Con debito preavviso è possibile utilizzare anche il Pianista accompagnatore ed altro.

Monza (IT) Wir reisen bis: 200 km

Englisch, Italienisch

  • Wir haben unsere eigene Tonanlage bis zu 1000 Personen

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MAX JACCHETTI, sullo stile di Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Michael Bublè, ma con una propria vocalità calda ed elegante, propone un repertorio selezionato di famosissimi capolavori composti dai più importanti autori americani del secolo scorso come Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers, Kern, Wilder, Arlen, Weiss, solo per citarne alcuni.

Un ammaliante viaggio indietro nel tempo nelle magiche atmosfere Swing Jazz degli anni '20'30'40'50'60 con brani famosi tratti dai grandi musical di Broadway; dai celebri movies di Hollywood; dagli album dei più importanti interpreti di allora.

SWING JAZZ LOVE SONGS piace a tutte le età, sia come sottofondo che come intrattenimento musicale.

E’ inseribile in qualsiasi ambientazione ed occasione, dove la partecipazione di una bella voce calda e preparata contribuisce a dare all’evento un tocco di ancor maggior classe.

Referenzen / Erfahrung

Dopo diversi anni moltissimi da elencare in Italia
In Svizzera, gli ultimi eventi per:
Buena Vista Cigar Club Lugano
Lions Club Locarno
Bucadiciannove Ascona
Rhypark Basilea
Fiera di Lugano
Cramer Banque Lugano


MAX JACCHETTI start to sing at very young age.

In Japan for a year, he had an important experience singing in a luxury location in Nagoya.

He studied opera singing several years to perfect and refine his natural voice quality by relying on the guidance of qualified voice teachers.
He played as a Lead vocals for frequent concerts with numerous ceremonies and events.

Wins or is among the winners of several singing competitions.

In SWING JAZZ music founds the ideal place, where the studies of classic sounds learned blend with atmospheres and modern harmonies.

This meeting allows his vocal style, warm and elegant, accompanied by a beautiful phrasing and confidential interpretation, to express themselves intensely, with great freedom and creativity.

Max Jacchetti, with his rare male vocals in Swing Jazz genre operates for any artistic situation wishing to make use of his repertoire 20-30-40-50-60 years of great Hits.

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