Christian Death Metal, Oldschool, Grind, Technical, Death, Napalm Death, Obituary, Sepultura

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Lausanne (CH) Wir reisen bis: 100 km

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Necroblation is born after Jonathan and Yannick's departure form their previous band. Their lyrics are about Christian faith and God, the aim being to share a positive message without doing any religious propaganda.

During summer 2010, the second guitarist left the band, caused by a musical divergence from the band. Necroblation then opted for a more oldschool and faster death metal, tinged with thrash influences.

It was only after several unsuccessful attempts that Necroblation eventually finds its bass player, Greg, who came once to see the band rehearse. He joined the band a few weeks later, in 2011. The trio finally completed hit it of at its finest and could start working on the composition of the first album

Currently, Necroblation just finished recording in the studios, and the album is in mixing process. The band is also looking for dates/gigs to promote its future album.

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