Nic Gyalson

Musiker - Singer-songwriter and composer. Onstage: trio (with drummer and keys) to solo sets.

Was wir anbieten

Nic Gyalson plays original songs from his albums, performing as singer, guitarist and keyboardist (Hammond, synth, electric piano).
On stage he's often flanked by Serena Maggini on backing vocals and keyboards, and Dario Pedrazzi on the drums.

His style is a combination of psychedelic music from the 60s (the sound of bands such as The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, ...) and modern rhythmic patterns with electronic beats. The lyrics and vocal melodies are at times bluesy/soulful, at times definitely pop.

It is a refined and refined genre, but catchy and overwhelming. In concert, every detail is taken care of, from sounds to lights, yet leaving space for natural improvisation, since Nic holds a great deal both to the quality of execution of his works, as well as to the natural feeling of musicians on stage.

The show is suitable for clubs, festivals or events where the most important thing is the music, the show.
He doesn't do background music.

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Mitglieder-Nummer: 3

Sprachen: Englisch, Italienisch, Französisch

Abfahrtspunkt: Cadro (CH)

Wir reisen bis: 450 km

Nic - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Serena - vocals, keyboards, drum machine
Dario - drums

Nic - vocals, acoustic guitar, (electric piano)

Nic - vocals, acoustic guitar
Serena - vocals, keyboards

Budget varies according to the set lineup

Geeignet für: Club Anlass, Festival

Tonanlage: Wir haben keine

Lichtanlage: Haben wir

Preis bis 1650 CHF

Stornierungsbedingungen: Standard

Um aufzutreten brauchen wir: - Sound Engineer
- One monitor speaker for each musician
- 2 power outlets minimum
- parking or area for loading the gear from the van

The band uses their own mics for vocals and can bring various tech gear. Please email for more info.

ALLUVISION (album 2016)
Soundtracks 2014 - 2017 (album 2017)
Mr Sorrow (single 2018)

SRF 8x15 - Chur
Rete Tre showcase - Lugano
RTS 1 Paradiso - Lausanne
Living Room - Lugano
Bar 3000 - Zürich
Zelig - Lausanne
La Tessinoise Festival - Lugano
Caves du Manoir - Martigny
TapTab Musikraum - Schaffhausen
Parterre1 - Basel
ROYAL - Baden
Bastion - Kirchheim Unter Teck (DE)
Cantine Coopuf - Varese (IT)
Circolo Svolta - Rozzano (ITA)
Murrayfield Pub - Chiasso
Festa della Musica - Mendrisio
Bar Oops - Lugano
Negromante - Locarno
Studio Foce - Lugano
...and many more

Radio airplay:
RSI Rete Tre
RSI Rete Uno
SRF Virus
RTS La Première
Radio La Fabrik
Radio Chico
Kanal K
Rhône FM
Radio Gwendalyn
Radio Nord Vaudois
Old Time Religion Radio Hour (USA)
Show duration: generally up to 1h
Durata spettacolo: solitamente fino a un'ora

Original songs
Brani originali

Occasional covers of other artists' songs
Saltuarie reinterpretazioni di brani di altri artisti
Ein Dokumentarfilm-Dreh im Himalaya bildete den Startpunkt von Nic Gyalsons musikalischem Schaffen. Die verlassene Eiseskälte des Königreiches Ladaka geriet ihm zu einem Ort, wo sich seine Inspirationen ungehindert entfalten konnten, in Bild und Ton. Was in der Kombination seiner beiden Leidenschaften begann, entwickelte sich über drei Jahre allmählich zu seinem Debut-Album, ALLUVISION. Ein ambitioniertes Album, das Psychedelic Rock, Minimal Techno und Blues vereint.
Neue musik:
"Soundtracks 2014 - 2017" Soundtrack Album - Dezember 2017
"Mr Sorrow" single - Januar 2018
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