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Everything started sometime in 2010, when Musta and Zucca met and decided to lay the foundations of the future band ReDraw. During Winter of 2011, they met Zac who took the role as vocalist. After several line up changes, Musta and Zucca decided to increase the complexity and technical level of their songs. In order to accomplish their purposes, they asked bass guitar player Tale and second guitarist Stefan to join them. The Band was finally ready to hold concert around the region. In Winter 2013/2014 the band entered the studio in order to record their first Demo, which has been released in March of the same year, along with the homonymous videoclip. In 2014 they took part to musical contest "Palco ai Giovani", receiving a lot of consent from the audience and ranking second place. After that, in Autumn 2014 the band entered the studio again in order to record their first full-length, which will be released at the beginning of 2015.

ab 380 CHF
Dauer der Unterhaltung:
ab 2 std

Art der Veranstaltungen
  • Party / Geburtstag
  • Festival / Saisonaler Anlass

Aurigeno (CH) Wir reisen bis: 300 km

Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch, Französisch, Andere

Set Up
Per ogni concerto necessitiamo di:

2x cabinet per chitarra
1x amplificatore basso
4x casse spia
2x microfoni con aste
1x mixer

Per la batteria invece:

2x tom
1x floor
1x gran cassa

Video von Auftritten


Il nostro repertorio comprende:

12x brani originali finiti:

- Woodwose
- Death House
- Jimmy
- Water 'N' Wine
- The Only Ones
- Stabwound
- Habeas Corpus
- Party Time
- Eyes Closed
- Motherf***er
- Burnout
- Black Angel

6x brani originali ancora in fase di lavorazione

9x cover di gruppi come Metallica, Annihilator e Pantera

- Orion
- Creeping Death
- Whiplash
- Damage Inc.
- Seek and Destroy
- For Whom the Bell Tolls
- King of the Kill
- Shallow Grave
- Domination

Siamo in grado di metter su senza problemi fino a un'ora e mezza/due ore di show.


The band aims to propose self-composed Thrash Metal songs, more "Old-School" oriented with some "Modern" hints. The band tries to mix groove, speed, aggressiveness and melody in a manner to create a special sound with a powerful, strong and sharp voice.

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