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Runnin‘ Gun is a swiss hard rock band that perfectly combines the sleazy and catchy 80’s hard rock sound with the melodic tones of blues as well with the power of heavy metal riffs and beats. Everything is marked up with compositions of the 21st century.
When hearing to Runnin’ Gun songs you will picture yourself in an old underground L.A. bar, screaming and rocking your brains out, like it was in the golden times of Rock n’ Roll.
Try to compare Runnin’ Gun with another band would be very difficult, due to the awesome way the band manage to merge different styles and sounds. But for sure when hearing it you will notice remarkable influences of Ac/Dc, Gun’s N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and W.A.S.P with a little bit of Mötorhead to speed up the things.
Runnin’Gun means pure Rock N’ Roll made out in Rheintal Switzerland!
They are here for Rock’N'Roll!
They praise to the Lords of Rock!
And they want to get YOU drunk!

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