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By 2011, all new songs were recorded and Solifuge released their new CD “Through The Loathing Of A Sick Mind” in June 2012.
Together with the new cd release, the band started a collaboration with Revalve Records, for worldwide cd distribution. The cd is now available in digital format at major distribution channels, like iTunes, Google, and Amazon.

Solifuge’s first few singles such as "Wake Up Your Soul From Nightmares" and "Bounce" have been released and
valued by Todd Page (ex Bang Tango's tour manager and current Mandy Lion's manager). After a few chats, it was
no longer a surprise that he started a collaboration as Solifuge’s US Promoter.

Dauer der Unterhaltung:
ab 1 std

Art der Veranstaltungen
  • Party / Geburtstag
  • Festival / Saisonaler Anlass

Roma (IT) Wir reisen bis: 100 km

Englisch, Italienisch

Video von Auftritten


- Acid Smoke
- S.M.U.T
- Faster, Faster Until Death
- Thorns in Your Lies
- Wake Up Your Soul from Nightmares
- Inside
- Bounce
- Run Through the Rain
- Kill Your Idol


Solifuge was born on January 1999 from the brilliant minds of Carlo "Black King" Campus [Lead Guitar] and Daniele "Pinna" Amatori [Bass Guitar].
In the same year the vocalist Francesco Morena and the drummer Jonah Padella joined the band.
In 2001 they recorded the debut EP "Solifuge" inspired by the dark side of metal.
After an intense line of live shows, the guys took different roads...

In 2008, Carlo, and Francesco decided to reform the band.
Luk [Bass] and Gianluca [Drums] joined Solifuge.
After a few months band activity stopped...but Solifuge's heart still remained beating.

It was in the year 2010 where Solifuge was raised again. But this time, Solifuge was brewing up fresh new ideas together with a new line-up and style.
Mad Curtis joined the band as vocalist and Solifuge started working hard in the studio creating new songs, and performing various live shows.

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