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The Flag è un giovane gruppo ticinese che propone un blues perturbante (vale a dire con influenze rock e funk). La band è nata nel 2005 e, a tutt’oggi, ha tenuto più di cento concerti in Ticino, Nord Italia e Svizzera interna.


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Lugano (CH) Wir reisen bis: 100 km

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The Flag is a young band from Ticino, Switerland. The band was founded in 2005, but there has been a crucial line-up change in 2008 that led to the present line-up.
The Flag belongs to the generation that does not feel stylistically chained to the original versions of the blues they love but free to combine elements taken from many sources. The band has been able to create their own sound that they like to call “Uncanny Blues”, i.e. a blues strongly influenced by rock and funk.
So far, the Flag played more than 100 gigs in Switzerland and Northern Italy.
In 2010 the band performed at several international festivals such as Vallemaggia Magic Blues, Swiss Harley Days and also returned at Lugano’s “Blues to Bop” for the festival’s opening act.
The new album “BLOO” came out in 2010 and received very positive reviews. In January 2011 the band performed at Samedan’s blues festival. RIght now they are working on a new album!

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